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A space for all


A space for all

Space Station - Tellapur provides you the home of the future. Homes that adapt to technology rather than being controlled by technology. Each living space at Space Station embraces the usefulness and advantages of hi-tech features such as biometric security, home automation, wi-fi accessibility, touch pad electrical switches etc. to benefit the present day living standards.

The apartments are fitted with automation facilities that set the lights, temperature, and music, to the individual's preferences automatically. The residents can also view and keep a check on the parking lot or the children's playground from their homes via CCTVs to ensure their safety.

The apartments are modern and contemporary in their design with maximum glass usage and French windows, 100% power back up to give you uninterrupted comfort, centralised LPG connection, bathrooms with accessories and laundry service in the township.

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Interior Design

Interior Design


Interior Design 

Bringing convenience further to your doorstep is the option of customised interiors from the services of the interior design team and the care team to make your moving into the new house as easy as taking the possession of the key! 



The simplest way to make your home interiors look sophisticated and sleek is to use modern furniture. Here, we present plenty of advantages of contemporary furniture:

Using modern furniture will definitely bring the sense of progression and pace to your home. The best advantage of contemporary furniture is that it comes in various shapes and sizes to fit all tastes.

On the other hand, contemporary furniture is easy to adjust to the dimensions of your room or home. There are many designs of contemporary furniture, such as modern office chairs, modern guest chairs, modern tables and modern lounge furniture.



Nature had a huge impact on our list of interior design trends and we’re not the only ones. When it comes to creating a trendy interior, using green materials is definitely the way to go.

Embracing a timeless style is key if you want your interiors to last. Who wants to redo their décor every few years as tastes change, especially if they’ll circle back around into favor in a few more years? Sustainable materials tend to top the list of timeless styles since they’ve been around nearly as long as the concept of interior design itself



Custom made options: What may appear as visually appealing to one person may not be the case for another. The same can be said of bespoke design interiors. One client’s idea for the ideal home design will likely be different from another’s. As such, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that we are united regarding the direction we want the project to take.

Our interior designers will listen and understand what your vision is for your space. After the initial meeting, we will develop layouts and arrangements that integrate your ideas in the final plan for the project. By coordinating closely with you, interior designers are able to deliver a truly bespoke design. With the expertise of our professionals, we can encapsulate your idea and realise it in a physical layout.

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A key and your home is ready to move in. The 'with-interiors' package has it all. The designer touch, the elegance, the sheer sensation of a contemporary and slick home make living otherwise superficial. The expertise of our experienced interior design panel and the support of our care team to co-ordinate and execute the work progress leaves you completely hassle-free.

Interior package option includes:

• Interior Design Planning to Execution

• False Ceiling with Designer Lights

• Modular Kitchen with Electric Chimney & Hob

• Wardrobes and Cupboards

• Wooden Flooring in Bed Room or as per design.

• Texture paint on walls according or as per design option

• Dishwasher, Front-loading Washing Machine and Dryer for 3 Bedroom apartments

• 3 fitted split Acs for 2BHK, 2+1BHK & 4 for 3BHK apartments